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  •  #sketch_dailies !  topic has a magnificent beard and prefers neutral tones In his wardrobe. Let’s draw #GANDALF !

     #sketch_dailies ! I think it’s gonna take a bit more than lotion to get that skin back to normal, let’s draw #DerekPowers! Design your own!

    Dick Tracy in a frank miller style

    @Sketch_Dailies:  #Sketch_Dailies ! He’s been rocking the #SmartWatch before it even existed, lets draw the stylish detective… #DickTracy   @wacom !

    destiny live action trailer

    loved every secound, live action movie please

     #sketch_dailies ! He travels through time and space in a blue police phone booth… show us your own version of #DoctorWho!

    my own version of the famous doctor would Jude law as the doctor  who

    and just had fun drawing some of the villains.

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