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  • Hi! I adore your artwork. May I ask what media you used for your harry potter illustrations? Traditional? Digital, or both? ")

    Asked by georgiajordan

    hi ! thank you ,with the harry potter works i draw them in traditional(pencil/ink)

    and water down the ink(super black speed ball ink) to pic up the textures in Photoshop and save money on art supply’s.

    paint the texture in water color and scan it all in and do a under painting with Photoshop and put it all together .

    so i spend all the time drawing and then about 20 to 40 mins  on the computer, the drawing is were the heart is so i spend most of all my time there.

    i think of Photoshop as the icing on the cake.

    thank you :).

    queen of the night print available for a short run from  sat 5th july till 18th

    of july and the same for b/w tshrit to make them as limited as possible

    the web sites will be up here by tonight.

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