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  •  #sketch_dailies !  topic is a true case of split personalities.

    i had a small story with this one i do little ones with every art work.

    the basic idea Dr Jekyll  :  he has over due bills ,no money and all his inventions  and ideas stolen and his little girl held captive for his secret potion original developed  to cure the sick but as Dr Jekyll learns the true side effects  what path will he take .

     #sketch_dailies !  topic has a magnificent beard and prefers neutral tones In his wardrobe. Let’s draw #GANDALF !

     #sketch_dailies ! I think it’s gonna take a bit more than lotion to get that skin back to normal, let’s draw #DerekPowers! Design your own!

    Dick Tracy in a frank miller style

    @Sketch_Dailies:  #Sketch_Dailies ! He’s been rocking the #SmartWatch before it even existed, lets draw the stylish detective… #DickTracy   @wacom !

    destiny live action trailer

    loved every secound, live action movie please

     #sketch_dailies ! He travels through time and space in a blue police phone booth… show us your own version of #DoctorWho!

    my own version of the famous doctor would Jude law as the doctor  who

    and just had fun drawing some of the villains.

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